About Us

In terms of Ukraine's transition to the market economy, the rapid development of the construction industry provides a stimulus to competition , thereby encouraging construction companies to improve service quality , strictly follow the initiated commitments , continually improve the methodology of individual approach to clients, find new , innovative solutions, implement new technologies and use quality materials.
 PE GalKomBud has been on the market for ten years. Since its foundation the company has changed and turned from a small enterprise into a diversified company . Today PE GalKomBud has more than 200 skilled workers , a team of specialists who provide a quality implementation of company’s plans and projects.All building works are performed and issued with the necessary documentation approved and guaranteed under the license for building activity of AD № 037 569 from 08.05.20012 .
Since its existence, the company has become a leading company in the field of Ivano- Frankivskivsk market construction and production of certified windows, doors and frames of metal profile.
One of the priorities of the company is the construction of office and residential apartments in Ivano -Frankivsk and beyond. Today, the company can offer its customers apartments with improved facilities in the city central as well as in other areas of the city .
Cooperation with leading architects and designers of Ukraine , high quality of performed work makes it possible  to compete successfully in the construction market. Projects constructed by that time , became a weathy decoration of the city.
They are distinguished among modern architectural and spatial solutions and technologies , functionality and aesthetics. Applying in the construction of modern cast- frame technology allows to accelerate the construction of high-storied buildings, increase their reliability and solve the most complex architectural city-developing task. This technology allows you to minimize the area of bearing elements of apartments that allow future tenants to create individual planning of his apartment during the construction period and carry out redevelopment further.
Four residential buildings were constructed and put into operation in 2004-2007, including
residential apartment with places for public use at the corner of Konovalets – Vijskova streets ;
medical - rehabilitation center with residential apartments on the street of Mazepa ;
residential house on the street of A. Voloshyn ;
apartment building with accomodatoins for public use on the street of  Tuchunu .
In 2006 - 2008 - apartment house with places for public use on the street of Vovchynetska . In 2008 - an overhaul of Ivano-Frankivsk city hospital.
During the period of 2007-2009 - a group of apartment buildings has been put into operation with facilities for public use on the street ofKysylevskoyi .
Depending on the project building underground garages or designated areas for parking were provided.
Despite the difficult economic situation , PE HalKomBud in 2009 performed the construction and installation works by nearly 10 % compared to the same period in 2008.
In particular:
an overhaul of Recreational Center and Registration Office ;
construction an apartment building with accomodations for public use on the street of Symonenka ;
conversion of non-residential Culinary Factory . Khmelnytskoho street, 51 in Ivano -Frankivsk for residential purposes and an extension to the completion and construction of group houses;
an overhaul of the cloakroom for Memorial complex «The National Museum of the Great Patriotic War ";
apartment building with room for public use on the street. Shukhevychiv .
construction of the shopping center at Tuchunu street and others.
Up to the present PE GalKomBud has been  occupied with the projects of social field. They work for :
reconstruction of the kindergarten on the street. Vovchynets'ka 210 in Ivano- Frankivsk
construction of a kindergarten in Hryplyn village, Ivano -Frankivsk City Council ;
Rehabilitation of existing facilities of the administrative building into medical facility in Uhornyky village, Ivano -Frankivsk City Council .
Apartment house with built- adjacent rooms for public use on the street. Hetman Mazepa in Ivano- Frankivsk
Apartment house with accomodations for public use on the street of Galytska ,  120 " A" in Ivano- Frankivsk.
At all building sites, the newest technologies and materials for energy saving are used to improve living conditions of residents  and work for social field with significant saving resources.
In the future PE GalKomBud anticipates an increase in housing, geographical expansion works and subsequent practical implementation of the latest high- technologies that create new quality of life and comfort for homeowners .
From the beginning of its foundation, PE GalKomBud has been actively developed , focusing on training workers, improving their skills. According to the market, has developed its own development strategy aimed at the development of a large construction company. It was possible to achieve considerable success : increased workforce and logistics , mastered the use of new technologies for energy saving in construction and manufacturing , constructed facilities that meet international standards.
 PE GalKomBud makes a significant contribution to the public life of the city and the region. The company often sponsors many sporting and cultural events Ivano -Frankivsk , runs charity events providing financial assistance to low-income families , the disabled and orphans.